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Scott Guffey (Director) has joined the LBT board today to help manage community projects for 2021. He will be a 6th board member as the board expands to manage the challenges that lie before it. The lineup also includes...

John Arakelian (Director, Past President) oversees compliance, including architectural control and rules enforcement. In this role, John is also working on a ACC policy for the community review later this year.

Dennis Bellotto (Director) has been actively managing the tennis court, pools and will be taking on site site security in the future. Dennis has been instrumental in the of improvements in the pool and tennis court area.

Keith Blue (Committee Chair) is our ambassador for the Bent Tree Country Club and manages our joint lake management project. Keith has held regular meetings with the grounds staff at BTCC this year.

Laura Sandford (Director) is liaison with the City of Dallas regarding the replacement of the water/sewer lines under the street and has conducted site meeting with the City engineers on how to manage the year long process once it begins . Laura will soon be providing database and technical oversight of security systems.

Steve Solcher (Director) is responsible for budgeting/finance/accounting role and the oversight of the Building F foundation repair.

Robert Bauer
(Director) works on Association planning.

Tim McConville (CMA) is the CMA property manager. Jeanie Ash (CMA) manages rules and ACC violations. Julie Blend (Dealy Blend) is the association attorney. Michele McGill (Dyer, Davis, Max) is the association insurance account manager. Felipe Hernandez (Steven's Landscaping) is the head groundskeeper. Canady & Canady, LLC is the auditor. Frank Swingle (Swingle Collins and Associates) is an advisor on insurance and risk management.

Shelly Jock and Shannon Spitzman are the lead attorneys for the "pet incident" lawsuit.

Other articles on board staffing are here.

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