Landscaper asked to redo service to property

On April 7, Legacy Landscaping was called back to the property to redo the biweekly (every other week) mowing and trimming. It was the second service in 4 weeks where there was uneven cutting and mower tracks and ruts.

Legacy was very responsive to the complaintand re-serviced the property on April 10th at no charge.

The crew was asked to adjust the equipment to the conditions - winter rye grass and wet terrain - in the future.

Legacy agreed to not use rider and oversized movers in areas or conditions where the equipment causes scalping, uneven cutting, or tracks/ruts.  

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  1. The rose bushes 5004 were trimmed by Legacy. I planted those and they were doing great. Right now they look like they got some kind of infection. Please have Legacy look into it before other plants get infected.

    1. It looks like 1 (possibly 2) of the rose bushes may have Rose Rosette Disease. Those bushes will need to be destroyed.

      The four others look to have a common fungus. We have had a wet spring. Baking soda and water spray during the wet season is very effective.


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