Update #3 Flash flooding at building M

The longstanding, flash-flooding issues near building M have been resolved.  All ten (10) drain basins spanning from 5020 to 5034 are now fully operational.

The cost of this effort was 10% of what had been anticipated as the existing drainage infrastructure was restored to functionality rather than being replaced with new.

All prior articles on this subject are available here.

The Association was able to restore the existing drainage by deploying heavy industrial utility equipment. The infrastructure consists largely of solid pipe (not the light gauge corrugated pipe often used in landscape drainage installations) and the pipes were in good shape. The pipes were not largely crushed, broken or displaced as had been thought. The problem was primarily dense obstructions from tile mortar, paint, rocks, concrete, acorns, dense clay and in one case, beer bottles.

Fortunately, solid PVC pipes are serviceable. The pipes will, however, likely clog again over time and need to be serviced. It might be wise for the community to divide the community into 4 quadrants and conduct an annual drain cleaning and inspect downspouts in one quadrant every year.

The corrections to date are:
      5120: Remove mortar and paint from drain lines. Clear clogged gutter. Reroute gutter downspout to drain line. Replace gutter boot with that had a hole in it. Replace flat gutter caps with dome caps.
      5122: Connect the north drain basin to the overall drainage system (incomplete original construction). Remove clay and plant material from drain line in area. Replace one flat gutter caps with dome cap.
      5124: Repair displaced pipe joint at Knoll Trail discharge point. Remove bottle and backup from drain line.
      5128: All drains (4) in good shape.
      5130: Uncovered buried drain. Remove concrete from Knoll Trail discharge point.
      5134: Connect west side gutter downspout to drain basin. Remove clay and plant material from drain line.
There are still issues with the main drainage flume (see picture to the right) that is filled with rock. This will need to be removed in the future.

There is a french drain located between 5118 - 5120) that has no outlet. It is light gauge pipe that has since fully filled with dirt. It is being abandoned as it is no longer needed and can't be serviced.


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