Pool out of commission

The community pool and bathroom facility were severely damaged in the storm. The pool and bathroom are closed.

There is no estimated date of operation at this time.

The pool had been left running 24/7 in freeze guard mode. The bathroom had the water cut off and the toilet and sink were winterized with anti-freeze and a small space heater.

See all articles about the "2021 freeze" here: <click here>.

A claim was filed on February 19th with Princeton Excess and Surplus Lines Insurance Company (New Jersey).

Princeton is a new insurer in the north Texas market and off to a slow start in this storm. David Morse and Associates (California) is handing claims and J.S. Held, LLC (Georgia) will do the field adjustment. Dan Parker is managing the field work at LBT for J.S. Held.

Progress will be updated in the comment section below.

Below is a photo of the above ground pipes ruptured.

Below is a photo of the above ground wading area that drained out through the ruptured pipe,


  1. UPDATEThe independent adjuster scheduled for February 26 called an hour before the meeting/site survey and said their company had been terminated. On March 1st a new independent adjuster contacted the Association and said they were setting up shop and getting ready to go..

    The new adjuster has not been on site as of yet, nor rescheduled the meeting/site survey.

  2. UPDATE The pool was inspected by the insurer on March 16, 2021.


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