Why is the grass dying?

Why is the grass dying? Because winter lawns die off every year. The winter lawn planted last September was a cool weather rye grass hybrid that grows when native grasses are dormant. The winter lawn typically grows for 8-9 months from September to May. 

In some years, the die-off is slow (better), and in some years, it is rapid, (messy), depending on the weather.

The winter lawn dies off when the outdoor temperature rises in the summer, making way for the underlying summer grass to grow.

This year the temperate spring led to a very robust winter lawn. And then the sudden onset of high temperatures this June wiped out the grass, rapidly. This "lush to rapid die-out" gives tha appearance that the lawn is dry or dead; ot great look, but it is the same lawn transition the community goes through each year. 2021 was a slow and orderly die-off. 2022 has been a sudden and messy.

The summer turf grass should develop during the coming weeks in the places where it was healthy last year. Indeed, there are areas in the community that have already filled out. In areas were the summer turf was not healthy last year, it will not be healthy again this year either.

Note: Winter rye seeds grow into a lush lawn and the seeds will grow in many areas where summer Bermuda or St. Augustine grasses will not succeed. It can be disappointing to see a location in the community that didn't have a summer lawn last year, then had a lush winter lawn, only to return to its previous condition.

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